Fork IT

Fork IT is a small one-man company, focused on delivering bite-sized solutions using open-source tools. The name was born out off the forking process in open-source (and because it can sound a bit like f*ck it).

Who am I?

jeroen@jveweb:/opt/DockerStacks/ghost$ who am i
jeroen   pts/0        2021-10-26 20:45 (***.***.***.***)

As you can see, I love me some CLI. It started with trying to install GTA Vice City and WOW on my Linux desktop as a kid. And now I'm running multiple apps on servers all over the place.

I allways wanted to keep documentation to help other people (and my future self). But as I jump from one project to another, I keep forgetting it. This website is an effort in keeping track of all I do.


If you want to contact me, you can find me on GitHub or send me a mail.

Company Details

Fork IT CommV

Monnikenhofstraat 22
2040 Antwerpen